Family | The L Family

This family is a pretty special one. Lauren and I have known each other since kindergarten (which is starting to make me feel old). We were kind of out-of-touch for a stretch because of where life took each of us, but as our seasons started to match again we reconnected.


We got married within a couple years of each other, and now we have kiddos that are only months apart. Hers are pretty cute, aren’t they?!

Is that not the sweetest father-son fist bump?!

Thanks for having me capture your adorable family, Jeff & Lauren. You guys are so fun to be around! I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come. :)

Anniversary | My Parents

A quick photoshoot for my wonderful parents. They’re goofy, outdoorsy, and love each other more every year. (Truly, they do!)

I love being their daughter!

Thanks for letting me take your photos, Dad & Mom. :)

Personal | Kiddos

Our boys are growing right up! I took a break from posting here every month, though I’ve continued to snap photos of these cuties. Here are some recents — aren’t they cute?!

There’s something about black & white photos, they’re so timeless and classic. I’m loving them more and more.

Love my babies!

Personal | Caleb

Would ya look at that smile!


Somehow six months went by with this little man!  He is so precious to us.

He and Levi are best buds; watching them together is one of the sweetest parts of my day.  What a gift it is to have these two boys as our sons!


Personal | Caleb

Meet our littlest, Caleb Daniel! 


He was born this past December 6th, bright and early in the morning.


I did a quick photoshoot with him when he hit the one-month mark, and I can't wait to do it again for two months.  Babies change so, so quickly!

Caleb is a squirmy little guy with big eyes and a set of lungs.  He and Levi exchange smiles now, and it's the sweetest thing!  Makes me melt.


We love this little addition!