The Amy Originals Story

When I was in grade school, I discovered a love for writing.  Being introverted, I learned writing was a way I could express anything and everything.  Writing can convey emotions, reactions, problems, solutions, life stories.  It can be inspiring, moving, thought-provoking, gripping, sobering. 

Years later, in middle school, I discovered another passion of mine -- photography.  It makes sense; books and blogs contain written words and stories, photographs contain unspoken words and stories.  Just as writing can convey so many things, a photograph can do the same.  Have you ever noticed a photograph hanging on the wall or sitting on the counter of someone's home?  It makes you think, doesn't it?  It conveys something: joy, sadness, beauty, ugliness, hard work, laziness -- no photograph conveys nothing.

As I studied photos and learned more about what things I liked and appreciated in a photograph, my family started noticing my passion and found ways to encourage me.  My grandfather especially noticed my increasing interest, and began specifically encouraging and guiding me. 

My parents bought me my first point-and-shoot camera for Christmas one year, and I treasured that camera for years and years.  My grandfather took me out on photoshoots and gave me challenges of things to photograph and ways to position myself to capture different angles.  As I developed my skills and started compiling a collection of images, he encouraged me to take my passion a step further. 

Amy Originals officially started in 2014, after years of running a little business for family and friends.  My grandfather, being an entrepreneur himself, had determined to help me make a business out of my hobby.  He suggested creating notecards that I could market and sell using my photographs, and I immediately loved the idea.  I bought some cardstock, printed my images, and made some cards to sell.  He brought me to work one day and had me show my cards to all of his coworkers.  I brought my cards to family gatherings and showed them to friends. 

Later, my grandfather helped me put together a website for my business (then called "Something Original") and taught me how to manage accounts, finances, inventory, and the other details I hadn't yet realized were important.  Since then, Something Original has evolved and grown into Amy Originals -- and it has been so fun and so rewarding. 

Creating notecards is a dream for me.  It combines photography with writing, and I think some of the best writing.  A handwritten note received is so special; it shows thought and value from the giver.  Even a quick note, a "happy birthday" or a "hope you feel better" can brighten someone's day and make them smile every time they see the card.  Or for those who enjoy longer notes, writing back and forth with a friend or relative -- if you haven't tried it, you may really like it!  Years later you can look back and re-read those notes, and so can the people you've sent letters to.  There's something simple, sweet, and satisfying about giving and receiving handwritten letters.

My passion is and has been to capture beauty, creativity, and simplicity through photographs and give people a homemade, heartfelt way to connect with and encourage others.  I hope that as you send my notecards to friends and family or book a photography session, you will see these traits captured and be inspired yourself.  *