Senior | Molly

I don't know where to start with this photoshoot!  Let me introduce the star: Molly is a high school senior with a contagious personality.  She's easy-going, smart, artsy, fun, and deep.  On top of all that, she's gorgeous. 


I met Molly and her family years ago through church, and we've all kept the friendship since.  It's been so neat to watch Molly go from middle school to her last year of high school; she is such a lady. 

We had a blast taking her senior pictures.  She and her mom had some great ideas, and her frequent laughter made for awesome shots.  (Though I will say she can do a pretty darn good straight face.)

Molly, thank you for trusting me to take your pictures -- and thank you for being willing to walk all over and pose in a million places!  You're a natural.  ;)  I loved spending time with you and enjoying a bit of the city.  Enjoy what's left of your senior year!