Maternity | Rachel & Chris

This growing family is a sweet one!  I met up with Chris, Rachel, and their one-year-old son Isaac at a historic house in Maine.  This venue holds some very special and meaningful memories for this family -- so special they chose it as a place for their family maternity shoot.  They are expecting a baby girl next month!

Rachel is due mid-July, and she's so full of energy!  Guess that comes from having a one-year-old already in the house?  Isaac was so mild-mannered and easily amused; most of the shoot he was singing to himself (while keeping an eye on Mom and Dad, of course!).  He'd open his little mouth and just sing -- the sweetest little voice.  He loved climbing around the grounds and taking it all in, occasionally sitting still for a few pictures.  Though I have to say, he was pretty good at staying in one spot!

Chris and Rachel have such genuine joy and love for each other and their kids.  Watching them with each other and their son was a blessing!

Thank you, Chris and Rachel, for allowing me the privilege of capturing your family.  Looking forward to meeting your littlest soon!