Personal Update | My Man

For those who don't know...  I'm getting married next month!  Let me introduce you to my handsome and wonderful fiance.

Josh and I have known each other for about five years, and have been very close friends for most of those years.  Last summer we decided to move our relationship beyond just the "friend zone" - and we're both glad we did!  We began dating in June, got engaged the following March, and will be getting married this coming July.

Josh has gone with me on photoshoots and often lets me use him as a test subject.  :)  He never complains about having to move this way or stand facing that way; he serves me gladly.  He patiently waits for me to get the right lighting and background, and he encourages me to put him where I need him.  (Even if that means in front of a door I don't end up using!)

He doesn't only support me in photography; Josh has a vision for me much larger than that.  He pushes me to grow and learn, to become more like Christ in all that I do.  He is ridiculously patient and gentle with me, and he provides a quiet and firm strength for me.  He's trustworthy, thoughtful, diligent, and forgiving.  I am so thankful for our years of friendship and romance - he is the man of my dreams.

I can't wait to marry you, Joshua.