Local Friends: Strawberries!

Summer is here and you know what that means: strawberries!  There are all kinds of farmstands and pick-your-own places; if you haven't ever been to one, I highly recommend it.  Fresh fruit is simply amazing -- plus there's just something about doing the harvesting yourself. 

Look at those beauties!  They were all picked at Butternut Farm in Farmington, NH.  The farm is adorable and very well-kept; family-owned and run, and they take pride in their work.  If you're local, stop by and see for yourself!

Butternut Farm is open daily except for Mondays.  Picking is usually best in the early morning; give them a call the night before to check their availability.  Find more information on their website.  They even have some animals and birds for the kiddos!

Happy picking!