Celebrating a Hard-Working Man

This past weekend my family gathered to celebrate one of the most hard-working men I know: my uncle.  Today, August 5th, marks 10 years of owning his own business.  From an early age he determined to learn how to handle vehicles; how to run them, take them apart, fix them, put them back together, and make them look good.  He took classes and dedicated himself to learning, with the goal of someday owning his own shop. 

After much hard work and perseverance, Krueger Autosport was born.  He has faithfully served his community and proven himself as a trustworthy mechanic for the past 10 years. 

On Saturday, his kids threw him a surprise party to celebrate with his family and clients.  They did a fantastic job!  Somehow, they kept it a secret until he pulled into the driveway and walked up to the front door of the venue.  Once he realized what was going on, he was brought to tears. 

As he mingled and I walked around meeting his clients, I saw how loved he is.  His clients fully trust him, and they think so highly of him.  Some visit the shop just to talk, whether their cars are being serviced or not.  The relationships he's built extend beyond his work; his clients are friends and the work is more than just a job. 

Scott, you're an inspiration.  Thank you for showing your precious kiddos, Josh, my brother, and me what it is to work hard and not give up.  You prioritize family over work and sacrifice for us regardless of what it costs you.  Thank you for letting us celebrate you - we all are so thankful to have you in our lives!