Portraits | Bri

Last week I had the privilege of doing headshots for a friend I've known since grade school.  Bri and I played soccer together, hung out at each other's houses and made yummy food,  went to see the Rockettes in NYC, and even worked at the same place.

Bri loves acting and has been in theatre for almost as long as I've known her.  She has determination and drive to perfect her skills, which has helped get her many acting roles; she's a great actress!  She also has a lovely voice, and she can dance.  :)

We had a lot of fun taking her pictures -- I think we all can agree that she's gorgeous! 

Bri, thanks for letting me pose you all over the place and get in your face with the camera.  It was a fun evening, and I hope the headshots help others see how beautiful and sweet you are!