Family | The M-P Family

How fun this family is!  I worked at a daycare and spent lots of time with the sisters; they are such happy and sweet little girls.  Their uncle and his family came for a visit, and together with Grandma we had a family photoshoot.

The girls' parents knew of a location set away from traffic and busyness - it was a gorgeous place.  We walked around and the older sister collected shells and waded through the tall grass.  The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. 

Seeing the love parents have for their children is amazing.  There's nothing like it; it's sacrificial and dedicated.  These parents adore their children.  Grandma, both moms and both dads - there's nothing they wouldn't do for their kids. 

Thank you, Lissa, Lindsay, Leigh, Jeff, and Rachel for so clearly showing your love for your children and your families.  It was a blessing to watch; your kids know you love them.  Thanks for a great photoshoot - enjoy every memory!