Family | The B Family

What fun this family is!  We met at a beach full of their family memories and laughed and watched the kiddos play.  It was almost like we were there for a little get-together on the sand... which made photo-taking even more fun!

They've come to this particular beach for years, even before the grandkids arrived.  It's a beautiful spot nestled away from the rest of the world, perfect for family relaxation.

The kids ran around and showed me some of their sweet moves, as you'll see below -- they were fantastic about having pictures taken. Even the little spitfire sweetheart, as I'll refer to her; she had a mind of her own but sat still long enough for me to sneak a few candids. 

"B" Family, thank you for allowing me to capture you all in your element!  Though the weather was tentative we ended up with a beautiful evening.  You were wonderful to work with and spend time with; you are so much fun!  Enjoy these photos, and may they remind you of the special memories you have together.