Personal | Family at Home

Hello from a hot and sunny afternoon in Maine!  As I've been editing photos today, I came across some personal ones I snapped back in June.  Initially I was hesitant to share them... being a neat-freak and a bit perfectionistic I cringe at the messes.  But then I laugh, because that's just silly!

I took my camera and self-timer out one morning because I wanted to document our family life at home.  You know, a little better than a phone photo.  :)

My husband, Josh, had to head right out for work so he's not in most of these, but I love the one that he is in -- it shows his selflessness as he does mundane chores before he leaves. 

These photos make me smile; especially seeing my sweet little nugget doing his thing and helping me make pancakes.  He's just the cutest, isn't he? 

And because I haven't shared on here, we have another sweet boy coming in December!  Can't even wait!  I plan to take the camera and timer back out when the he arrives, messy house and all as I know it will be -- because these photos are going to last and be the ones my family and I cherish most. 

Enjoy these memories with me, and if having some of your own interests you please let me know.  I'd love to help you document your own memories.  :)