Family | The C Family

What a sweet and special family! 


Rob and Linda are the grandparents who started this whole group, and they are some of the most wonderful people you'd ever meet.  Rob was my 8th grade teacher years ago, and Linda... well, she and I have been close friends for almost the same amount of time.  (We laugh about the age difference; God certainly brings friendships together as He sees fit!)


There was a small window of time last weekend when all the kids and grandkids were together, so we arranged for a quick photoshoot in one of their backyards.  The little ones were fantastic; I think they were all overjoyed to be spending time with cousins. 


We kept it short and to-the-point for a few reasons, but mainly so they could use the time to focus on what mattered most that day -- their time together. 

Rob and Linda, thank you for the privilege of capturing your family in print and seeing the joy you have together.  And thank you to Andy & Kim, Matt & Christie, Josh & Bethany, and Derek & Amanda -- thanks for humoring your mom and getting everyone ready for photos!  I hope you'll remember the day fondly.  :)