Lifestyle | Bri

Spontaneous photoshoots are so fun.  Josh was away last weekend, so I had planned with a friend to go take some photos and get Levi out of the house Saturday morning.  It was super overcast and a little chilly, but the three of us loved it. 

Having a background in theatre, Bri is excellent at nailing facial expressions and poses -- and she's really good at having fun while doing it!  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to warm up and get comfortable in front of the camera (or if you're like me, it can take a whole lot more than a few minutes).  You can tell Bri's done this a few times.  ;)

When we were done posing and shooting we got our sweatshirts back on and went to Popovers for breakfast.  Yum.


Thanks for letting me capture your goofy, beautiful self, Bri!  Let's do it again.