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While shooting some photos for a friend, she snagged some photos for me as well.  When I was pregnant with Levi I didn't bother to get any maternity shots; who wants reminders of when you feel fat and crappy?  Well, turns out I do.

This time around I realized those photos are pretty special.  The season of pregnancy only lasts so long; it feels like forever at times but there is an end, and when it's over there's a bittersweet feeling that sticks around for a while.  Relief that you're no longer carrying that little one inside and instead you can hold him/her in your arms -- but sadness that they're not all nestled up and giving you butterflies. 

I do want to remember this season.  Journalling captures some of it nicely, but photos allow me to just look and remember.  I wish I'd done some with Levi so I could compare, but I'll settle for getting them this time.  :)

Soon, God-willing, we'll meet this next little boy and snuggle him all to pieces.  And slowly my body will make its way back to only housing myself... those photos will come in handy to remember what I'd come from and that everything in life is a process. 

Enjoy, friends. 


(Thanks for the photos, Bri!)