Personal | Caleb, One Year



I was thinking I’d write a sweet little note, but there’s just something about your youngest baby turning one that sticks a dagger in your heart. I keep thinking back to the days leading up to his birth, what a rollercoaster it was. Pre-labor that lasted *what seemed like* forever; being sent home from the hospital twice because it wasn’t time yet...and when it finally was, this little man still kept us waiting. If I’ve ever done a hard thing in my life, growing and birthing this boy is it.

But oh was he worth it all. He’s the best snuggler, and he’s almost always smiling and happy. He’s so easy-going -- until he decides he wants something, then he’s incredibly stubborn and determined. Just like his brother. Watching the two of them develop a relationship melts me into a puddle; they love each other dearly.

I could go on and on all day, but I’ll treasure it all up in my heart. Caleb, I love you so much. Happy birthday, little man.