Personal | Caleb

Meet our littlest, Caleb Daniel! 


He was born this past December 6th, bright and early in the morning.


I did a quick photoshoot with him when he hit the one-month mark, and I can't wait to do it again for two months.  Babies change so, so quickly!

Caleb is a squirmy little guy with big eyes and a set of lungs.  He and Levi exchange smiles now, and it's the sweetest thing!  Makes me melt.


We love this little addition!

Family | The C Family

What a sweet and special family! 


Rob and Linda are the grandparents who started this whole group, and they are some of the most wonderful people you'd ever meet.  Rob was my 8th grade teacher years ago, and Linda... well, she and I have been close friends for almost the same amount of time.  (We laugh about the age difference; God certainly brings friendships together as He sees fit!)


There was a small window of time last weekend when all the kids and grandkids were together, so we arranged for a quick photoshoot in one of their backyards.  The little ones were fantastic; I think they were all overjoyed to be spending time with cousins. 


We kept it short and to-the-point for a few reasons, but mainly so they could use the time to focus on what mattered most that day -- their time together. 

Rob and Linda, thank you for the privilege of capturing your family in print and seeing the joy you have together.  And thank you to Andy & Kim, Matt & Christie, Josh & Bethany, and Derek & Amanda -- thanks for humoring your mom and getting everyone ready for photos!  I hope you'll remember the day fondly.  :)

Personal | My Babies and Me

While shooting some photos for a friend, she snagged some photos for me as well.  When I was pregnant with Levi I didn't bother to get any maternity shots; who wants reminders of when you feel fat and crappy?  Well, turns out I do.

This time around I realized those photos are pretty special.  The season of pregnancy only lasts so long; it feels like forever at times but there is an end, and when it's over there's a bittersweet feeling that sticks around for a while.  Relief that you're no longer carrying that little one inside and instead you can hold him/her in your arms -- but sadness that they're not all nestled up and giving you butterflies. 

I do want to remember this season.  Journalling captures some of it nicely, but photos allow me to just look and remember.  I wish I'd done some with Levi so I could compare, but I'll settle for getting them this time.  :)

Soon, God-willing, we'll meet this next little boy and snuggle him all to pieces.  And slowly my body will make its way back to only housing myself... those photos will come in handy to remember what I'd come from and that everything in life is a process. 

Enjoy, friends. 


(Thanks for the photos, Bri!)

Lifestyle | Bri

Spontaneous photoshoots are so fun.  Josh was away last weekend, so I had planned with a friend to go take some photos and get Levi out of the house Saturday morning.  It was super overcast and a little chilly, but the three of us loved it. 

Having a background in theatre, Bri is excellent at nailing facial expressions and poses -- and she's really good at having fun while doing it!  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to warm up and get comfortable in front of the camera (or if you're like me, it can take a whole lot more than a few minutes).  You can tell Bri's done this a few times.  ;)

When we were done posing and shooting we got our sweatshirts back on and went to Popovers for breakfast.  Yum.


Thanks for letting me capture your goofy, beautiful self, Bri!  Let's do it again.

Personal | Family at Home

Hello from a hot and sunny afternoon in Maine!  As I've been editing photos today, I came across some personal ones I snapped back in June.  Initially I was hesitant to share them... being a neat-freak and a bit perfectionistic I cringe at the messes.  But then I laugh, because that's just silly!

I took my camera and self-timer out one morning because I wanted to document our family life at home.  You know, a little better than a phone photo.  :)

My husband, Josh, had to head right out for work so he's not in most of these, but I love the one that he is in -- it shows his selflessness as he does mundane chores before he leaves. 

These photos make me smile; especially seeing my sweet little nugget doing his thing and helping me make pancakes.  He's just the cutest, isn't he? 

And because I haven't shared on here, we have another sweet boy coming in December!  Can't even wait!  I plan to take the camera and timer back out when the he arrives, messy house and all as I know it will be -- because these photos are going to last and be the ones my family and I cherish most. 

Enjoy these memories with me, and if having some of your own interests you please let me know.  I'd love to help you document your own memories.  :)